Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chernobyl NPP 1.1 - Released

It has been in the pipelines for some time, but I have finally finished up Chernobyl NPP with the 1.1 update. I have changed a number of things from the adboards around the circuit to the actual AI waypoints (AIW). A full list of changes can be found in the readme file included with the Zip of the circuit.

The most important part of this update is that it has been a collaboration between myself and Rockett_Man / Jimbob47. Rockett_Man has kindly created a new AIW for the circuit. This had been the major problem with NPP. The AI were uncompetitive compared with human players. I found they slowed through the top gear turns / kinks of 5 & 6 where a human player would ordinarily go flat (depending on what mod was being used). Now the AI goes flat also, thanks to the new AIW.

I have linked the updated version with Nogripracing and Rfactorcentral, however Rfactorcentral has been littered with errors for me lately. I will try again in the coming days, to get a version 1.1 to rfactorcentral, but we will see if it works correctly.

Please let me know if there should be other changes / updates for Chernobyl NPP and any of my other circuits.



  1. I'd like to start by thanking you for sharing all of your hard work with the community at large. Your tracks are high quality, and fun to drive.

    One thing I want to mention in the way of constructive criticism, is that the textures used should be converted to .dds files instead of .bmp, .jpg., .png or .tga. There are some limited instances where .tga files are appropriate, but they are few. This would help quite a bit with making the tracks a little more FPS friendly.

    Good luck with your career, and I hope you can still find the time to create more tracks of this quality. Thanks again.

  2. I'd be happy to change all the textures to .dds files, however I don't have or know what program to use to do this.

    This would be particularly good as I am working on a new faster layout of my NYC circuit. So pelase let me know how, and my circuits will have these changes made with each new version.