Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lower Manhattan - Indy Course

Ever since I completed my Lower Manhattan GP, I have been keen to make a new layout that would be faster, but maintain much of the character that LMGP currently has.

The answer was to create a new course that changed at turn 7 and continued straight past WTC 7 and WTC 1 (north tower). Then make a fast right hand turn where drivers who go over the limit will find themselves in a wall. Continuing along the wide fast straight we then rejoin the original circuit gradually shifting down but without compromising the acceleration into turn 10 which is generally taken with strong breaking and 2nd gear (in an open wheel racing car).

Aside from a new faster layout, I have implemented a number of various changes that the Rfactor community asked for. These include all new kerbs throughout the track. These replace the very abrasive 'pyramid' styled kerbs I had with far smoother and flatter kerbs. I found them rough still in a F1 1992. But they had little effect on my driving in a Porsche Carrerra Cup 2007 car.

The cameras are similar but revised. I am still jiggling around with them to find an optimal line where no 'shots of buildings' occur. Naturally there is an all new AIW for the entire circuit. I have also shrunk the grid size down to 40 at max. This is because many people complained that they had frame rate problems. Ultimately it comes down to the user's own computer hardware. However by limiting the grid / pits to a total of 40 cars, the frame rate should be improved for online servers and singleplayer's alike.

Since the AIW is yet to be ironed out, the release of LM-Indy is at least a full week away from release. So to keep you all interested in the meantime, here are a couple of screenshots from the editor.Above, where the circuit continues to form a new turn 8.Above, where the circuit rejoins forming turn 9.


  1. Hi Rod,

    Got me checking back everyday for that modification.... Thanks for the teaser...:)

    In other news, I finally found that Argentine circuit.. Just released within a track pack. After a few laps I was wondering why I ever wanted it in the first place...Total nightmare! It will take some seat time to get it but at least I got it.

    So... Thanks for listening! And, as always, Thank you for your efforts!!


  2. I hope to have it released in a week or two. Rockett_Man says the AIW is near completion, then I will just add corner markers. However you may have read that I will be without internet for a week or so while I move into my new place. So check back towards the end of the month for a release date.

    Thanks for continuing to support my Rfactor tracks.