Friday, February 18, 2011

Temporary Hiatus

As the title suggests. I must sadly take a temporary hiatus from my Rfactor circuit design. I have recently landed a job with a major TV network here and will be moving closer for the job.

I won't have any Internet set up for a week or even two. Therefore I can't work on this hobby of mine for you guys. I will endeavor to continue to keep up the circuits when I can. I am still planning on releasing NYC 2 (new layout) as soon as Rockett_Man has finished the AIW. Hopefully we can get this out there by Monday, as from this Monday the 21st, I will not have access to the net.

I am hoping to have settled into a nice routine by early March which is when I hope to get going on more of my circuits. I have some great ideas (as least I think so :P ) for new Street circuits and road courses, including NYC endurance which will be around 6km and go past the city hall in Lower Manhattan and an all new pit lane / start finish position.

Thanks to all those who comment, rate and read about my track and blog.

This is not the end, far from it - simply a hobby pause :P



  1. Rod,

    I don't if I should be really happy or totally upset with you... ;) In any case, Your out of here, Effective immediately.

    Good luck at the new gig, And get back here soonest!!


  2. I am still here! I just need to get my new net setup. So I should be back in active action making tracks and what have you. I have 9 days straight at work, so by mid March I should be back to the good stuff :)

  3. Checking to see if you were back. Hope the new gig is working out for you.

  4. I am still here, if only in textual formal right now. I have been having difficulties with my internet company to get my connection up and running. Basically they need to be here to do it, but I am at work all the time when they can. However it should be done by the 24th of March now. However I will be at the Australian GP then, so who knows.

    I am using a friends painfully slow net right now, which can barely look at pictures, let alone upload my 100mb circuits. Have faith, I will return asap.

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  6. ( Edit and repost )
    I come back every now and again to keep myself
    in the loop so the update is appreciated. Life happens and honestly, If I had tickets to the Aussie Gp, I really wouldn't be worried about blogging. Looking forward to the start of the season... Just hoping to get this one off without any problems. Bahrain and the situation in Japan have got me kinda worried, Not to mention poor Robert Kubica. Gonna be a weird season - watch what I tell you.

    The technical difficulties you're experiencing at the moment are no doubt a drag, But I 'm sure you'll be "good ol Rod" here real soon. Some of us do have faith.

    So there you have it ol bean, Good luck at the race and I hope it stays dry. Race Winner: F. Alonso.