Saturday, May 17, 2014

Alesia GP Course v1.25 - Released

Alesia GP Course 1.25

By Rodrrico

Alesia GP Course is a fictional circuit I made that is loosely based on the Alès en Cévennes Speed Circuit. It is meant to replace my original track Ales GP Course 1.10. However this is a fresh location directory so you can keep the old version if you like as well as this version.

I generally make fictional circuits (or heavily modified real world circuits) these days as my early 'historical' circuits were heavily critisized for their inaccuracies and usually over fidilly little things. Ales GP Course is a hybrid between a real world course and a fictional course. The basic track map is the same, however I added a chicane half way along the back straight after the kink to slow down the cars a bit and make it more challenging.

To my knowledge the real Ales is relatively flat. I made this version with a steep first corner climb and added my own chicane. There were many layouts to the real Ales, and I have only outlined the short course at turn 2 (not for use though). I don't plan on updating or modifying this track further unless someone would like me to.

The circuit is 4.003km and consists of long curved corners that can be taken in 3rd and 4th gears (F1-1991 historical). As well as 3 long straights with only minor kinks and chicanes that barely slow down the vehicles.
Ales GP a high speed circuit.

I recommend F1 mods, as I played with some and enjoyed them all. However my favourites are :
F1-1991, 1988, 1993 & 1979.

1.0 - Inital release.

1.10 - Updated minor things such as textures meshing together, some shadow details and most importantly, the pit lane now enables cars to cross the finish line each lap.

1.25 - Renamed to Alesia GP Course
- New Cam file
- New ground textures everywhere
- Changed terrain heights everywhere
- Improved Pit textures / building
- Slight AIW tweaks
- New Background / terrain
- Changed race length & attrition rates



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Darlington Park 1995

I decided some time ago to rework my Darlington Park circuit into a longer circuit. The 1992 layout is 4.449km and now I have extended the length to 4.863km. While the length is only 414 metres longer than the original, it now has two high speed straights. Have a race around the new layout which can be downloaded from NoGripRacing HERE. I have included my original 1992 layout so you can compare. Let me know which version you prefer and upload a video of yourself driving around!

From the Readme:

Darlington Park 1995

Darlington Park 1995 is an updated layout of my 1992 Darlington Park circuit. This new layout has extended the total length by 414metres from 4.449km to 4.863km.
The new layout utilities more of the land available to the circuit by adding two high speed straights.
The first of these two new straights follows the old 1970s layout, (which you might have seen while racing around the 1992 layout), before turning right to form the next new long straight.
The pit area has been moved to the northerly part of the circuit along the flat between the original start / finish turn and the final turn. The old start / finish turn is now a clear turn 1.
Ultimately, the old circuit was 4.449km and high speed with a total of 12 turns. Now the 1995 layout is 4.863km yet still has 12 turns.
However arguably two of the turns have double apexes making the unofficial total 14 turns. Be sure to try both layouts (which are included in this package) and tell me which is your favourite.
Includes two versions :

Darlington Park 1992 v1.01
Darlington Park 1995 v1.00

- AI. Some mods, notably the 1994 F1 mod, the AI run into the sand traps very easily, while other mods such as CTDP 2005 AI don't suffer this problem. I can't fix this for all mods.
Darlington Park 1992 v1.01
- Minor graphical changes
- Minor AI tweaks
- Minor camera tweaks

Darlington Park 1995 v1.00
- Initial release.

If you enjoy racing on my tracks, please consider making any small donation to my paypal on my blog. It often takes me a long time to make these circuits for the community and I really appreciate all donations.
Thank you.

Remove all instances of the old Darlington Park (V1.00) from your Rfactor/Locations directory. Then copy over the Darlington Park folder from this zip.

rfactor/gamedata/locations/... (

It is that Easy!

Enjoy folks!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Attia Stadt Grand Prix - V1.10 - Released

In this update to Attia Stadt GP, I have fixed the significant bug to the pit exit and make a few small tweaks here and there.

There is not much to say about this update as the issue was identical to the issue found in Manhattan GP. The tirewall model is flawed. I now set all these tirewalls to not include a collision model, which seems to fix the issue where cars 'ghost' into the abyss of the track. I have however been unable to resolve the issue with the AI cars cutting corners and cutting through walls. This issue is caused by the AIW drive-line of which I am not a master of construction. If anyone is willing to help fix this issue without compromising the AI's speed and competitiveness around the track, please contact me.

There are some other minor tweaks throughout the circuit, but they hardly warrant an analysis here. Please check the Readme file for how to install and to see a complete changelog.

As always, my tracks which include Attia Stadt GP 1.10 can be downloaded directly from NoGripRacing HERE.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Manhattan GP v1.55 Update Released

I released a major overhaul to my original Lower Manhattan GP (now known as Manhattan GP 1990) about two weeks ago. However it would seem that I did not check it thoroughly enough before releasing the V1.50. Within a day or so, a user found two bugs that can be crippling to the track. The first was what appeared to be a hole in the track surface and then a similar bug was found further around the track. It took me another week to determine exactly what the bugs were. As I stated, it seemed like a hole in the track surface. However after trial and error, I fond that it was a model surface that was invisible.

The tire wall at turn one was interfering with the track geometry, thus giving an illusion of a hole in the surface. The only way to rectify this issue has been to not only move the tire wall (and the concrete wall the tires rest against) but to remove all instances of it being a solid object. Therefore the tire wall at turn one is now purely cosmetic. I had to remove the ability for the tires to receive shadows as well as cast them, then convert the object into a 'ghost' meaning it has no solid properties. The actual concrete wall behind the tire wall is still however solid.

It would turn out that the second bug was exactly the same, but at a different corner (turn five). I have performed a similar fix which means that the circuit now has two 'ghost' tire walls around the track. All other tire walls should be solid. The other issue I had with the v1.50 was the AIW. I had made them very fast and very competitive (well I found they were with my skill level at 98%). However I have observed them cutting many corners and riding hard over the kerbs. I have amended the AI racing line just enough to reduce the frequency of the AI cutting the track by up to 70%. However if I make any more changes the AI will not be competitive. Already I have made such a change to the AIW that the AI now runs the track at around 2.5seconds slower (on average) than the previous version (v1.50).

A complete list of changes can be found in the readme file which are always included with my tracks. As always you can download the track HERE at NoGripRacing. I am not in a rush to release it to RFC just yet, so I recommend going to NoGripRacing to get the update.