Friday, January 21, 2011

Mod of the Week and other news

Ales GP - MOTW
I was completely surprised to find that my latest circuit Ales GP 1.0 achieved Mod of the Week from Rfactorcentral. I don't want this to be taken as arrogance, however I am very pleased to have finally cracked this achievement of Rfactorcentral.

Chernobyl NPP 1.1 - New AIW
I will soon be releasing Chernobyl NPP 1.1 with a new AIW made by Rockett_Man (Rfactorcentral Alias) or Jimbob47 (nogripracing alias). This circuit will feature Russian and Ukrainian advertisements as well as a number of minor tweaks and revisions to bump its overall quality up. Look out for this around the 28th-29th of January.

Real World Work
I have recently had an interview for a company in Brisbane to work as a video editor. As the competition is fierce I have had to neglect my involvement with the Rfactor community to focus on the job. I will definitely be continuing to make circuits for the community, however I will be unable to resume work on any projects until the end of January.

Temporary or Permanent
So everyone, I ask you all as to what should the basic design of my next Rfactor circuit be? A temporary street circuit, a temporary road circuit, or a purpose built racetrack?
Personally, I feel that my skills lie in temporary street circuits, however I am open to suggestions.

Rfactor Track Database
I have been building a track database over the last year of all the circuits I have downloaded and made. It is comprehensive (well ,enough for me anyway) and will release it for you all once I reach the massive 1000 mark. Currently, I have approximately 979 circuits on my machine that expand to around 26GB of HDD space. Look out for this in early February.

And that was my week in news.


  1. Oh...And I have already submitted a suggestion.

    I hope it gets serious consideration.

  2. I doubt it will, and I accept that as there are some seriously talented people out there making circuits either on their own or in teams.

    But to receive MOTW, I am truly grateful to those who have played it (and my other circuits) and enjoyed them.