Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is interesting...

I was browsing the net this morning on the more unique Rfactor download websites and came across my circuit Imola 1960s on Bockbierbude.

I was surprised that I could not access the file at first, but this was rectified quickly. I was also surprised that this very small market website (a niche if you like) had 530 downloads for Iomla 1960s. This was also surprising. Fortunately I was credited with the circuit (quite rightly so), however I have no idea who uploaded this file, and why I was not contacted about it.

I am perfectly happy if others want to share my circuits with other websites other than my favourties (Rfactorcentral & Nogripracing), however I do expect people to credit me and contact me via my email if they wish to do this. I say this as I don't want to find my circuits on websites where the community there has to 'pay' a tariff to either access the download section or individual files as a whole. I am 100% against paying for moder community stuff. This, in my opinion, would defeat the purpose of making content for free for everyone to enjoy.

This is what makes a racing simulation like Rfactor so good. Not only is the source code material free, but anyone with a sim editor can go and make new content. I alone have installed on my computer 948 different circuits (either layouts or versions).

If anyone would like a copy of the file where I have all the circuit info saved for each of these tracks (Microsoft Access needed to view), then please PM me and I will email it to you.

Finally, if anyone has found any of my circuits on websites other than Rfactorcentral & Nogripracing, please contact me with a link to the website / circuit page.

Thanks everyone.


  1. Message received.

    Thanks for Ales GP 1.00 !!!!

  2. ^ As I say, I don't mind people uploading my tracks elsewhere, I just want to know where and be credited :)