Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rodrrico - The Circuits Thread

Here you will find all the download websites for all my current public released circuits.

Imola 1963 1.0

Zeltweg 0.95

Zaluzani 1.0 & Zaluzani 1.10 & nogrip

Phoenix 1989 Proposal 1.0

Chernobyl NPP 1.
1 - & nogripracing

Rufforth Classic 1.0

Lower Manhattan GP 1.0 & Racedepartment & Nogrip

Nivelles GP 1.0 - & nogripracing

Airport Terminal GP 1.0 - & nogripracing

Imola 1960s 1.0 - & Nogripracing & Bockbierbude

Ales GP 1.0

Phoenix 1989 Proposal 2.0 (nogrip) & Rfactorcentral

Brands Hatch 1950

Ales GP Course 1.10

Comments are always welcome and constructive critisim. I read them regularly and take them all seriously. Check back for new tracks often!


  1. My bro downloaded imola and loves it - we're gonna race it soon. Thanks ever so much. will deffo check out your other tracks.

  2. I have just about all your circuits< been a fan and a follower since Manhattan.

  3. Congrats on making the front page over at

    Don't forget u8s when you go big-time.....:)

    Keep up the good work and as always, Thanks for your efforts.

  4. Rodrrico,

    We are planning to use Imola60 at CMS for a race, but I found the the back straight after Aqua Minerali has invisible walls on the racing surface that line up with the tree shadows, the first tree and a couple others further down the track.

    Is there a fix?

  5. I will investigate the Imola 1960s problem this evening (Australian time) and reply to this by this time tomorrow.

  6. Gary T, I looked at the circuit and cannot find the issue that you are having. I can suggest this:
    1.) Remove all of the Imola circuit from your 'locations folder' then re download it from any one of the link I have posted on this blog. I think this would be better than simply 'overwriting' the circuit and therefore having a bug transferred from one to another.

    2.) Install Rfactor lite and place Imola in the locations folder, and get back to me if the issue remains. I suspect one of the textures / materials in my circuit was somehow removed or affected by other circuits or mods that use 'common' ISI files from within the Rfactor installed directory.

    Either way, let me know if anything happens or not. As I can re-upload it from my Rfactor/locations folder which seems to work fine for me :)

  7. Um, all drivers in our league confirm the issue, I have no other Imola track installed on a fresh install specifically for the DRM mod.

    Here is our thread:

  8. from nogrip, issue still remains, if you stay left out of Aqua Minerali and drive near the trees with all wheels on the track surface, the car hits an invisible wall right where the first tree begins.

  9. Ah I have now found this issue. I will fix it after work. Wow, somehow this is a solid invisible face. Sorry about that. I will have an upload link for you in about 14hrs time (I guess).

    Thank you for finding this :)

  10. NP...but remember, there are a couple of other walls further down the track along the trees.

    Really appreciate the effort and repair, it will make our race much safer.

  11. I have found that the issue is indeed with the trees. I need to find / make a new tree model for this to be fixed (I hope). I am planning to release an fairly major update to Imola 1960s in the coming weeks, but unfortunately I cannot fix it until the weekend now as I don't have enough time. Sorry about this Gary.