Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Jersey GP

I mentioned recently about my intention to develop a New Jersey GP given the recent news of F1's 'silly season' to have two world championship Grand Prix events in the USA. While this will never happen in reality (for a number of reasons), I liked the idea of building a circuit there and have set out to bring NJGP to Rfactor.

My current progress is initial. I have the layout, I have the elevation changes, camber, surfaces etc all relatively close to the actual proposed location along the banks of the Hudson river, however this is much harder than I would have liked thus far. I built a number of models in Sketchup, exported them as collenda files and converted the textures into the 2x2 system that Bob's Track Builder uses, however for some reason the models are not working in Rfactor. Once I export the circuit, it crashes during the loading (freezes, then I press 'enter' and it crashes). It is trying to load a road material, however the materials I am using are proven working materials. I have no idea why this is happening. It is very frustrating, as I feel it would be an enjoyable circuit if it had strong details around it.

For now, I have placed other models from older Xpacks I have made in as a 'guideline' for where the new buildings should go. I hope to overcome this issue, and will post some screenshots of my progress in the coming week.

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