Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brands Hatch 1950 & Ales

Brands Hatch 1950 Released

I have finished my initial version of Brands Hatch 1950 and released it on NoGripRacing here. It won't be available until Sunday (or about 20hrs from now)I have decided to not bother uploading to Rfactorcentral for a number of reasons. For one, I no longer wish to fund a website that pigheadedly uses user content for commercial use. When it was built for the community, for not companies.

I would like some feedback for later releases, so please comment on the Nogripracing download page or in this blog. I check both fairly regularly so I should be able to address any issues with relative speed.

Ales GP Course 1.10

I recently read about my Ales GP circuit having some issues with the pitlane and not being able to cross the finish line. I have hopefully resolved this issue as well as a few other minor changes to the textures start/finish locations and some shadowing. All relatively small updates, but they make it somewhat more complete.

If you want to download the new version, it should be available here at Nogripracing within 24hours. As with Brand Hatch 1950. If you have the old version (1.0) please remove it all (as I have stated in the readme) rather than overwrite the files. That should be about it for now.


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