Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brands Hatch 1950s

I bought a book recently all about Brands Hatch. While I have read that the now dubbed 'indy course' was the original layout, I did not know that it ran backwards to its present day layout. I felt this was worthy of an Rfactor design.

I am still working on the New Jersey Grand Prix, however I have been building models that are taking some time, and don't want to work more on the track without buildings around it. The actual circuit is probably about 40% done, but it lacks

'life' which buildings, and models around it will provide and boost its progress up to about 55%. For now I am working on a small project of Brands Hatch 1950s. I am basing this track on the original 1950 layout. While it is a couple of weeks away from any sort of release, I can share some shots of the circuit for you all. Take a look!

And the overall map!

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