Friday, September 2, 2011


I found a great little gem of a website the other day. It had a number of circuits detailed up there including all of the Formula one world championship rounds and track maps of the non championship races also which was pretty cool. But the best part was that many of the circuits (F1 and not) had reference pictures with them.

I trawled through them looking at interesting circuits from all over the globe, until I found one that I thought I might be able to whip up over the weekend. It is simply called Avignon. I assume because the town/city is also called Avignon. There is a big castle wall which runs along the eastern part of the track (clearly from medieval days) and is lined (effectively) with trees and concrete blocks. Again, it is a proposal from 2005 for a round the the DTM, but it never went ahead for some reason. I figured I would give it a good go.

Firstly I mapped out the layout and set it to the length of the track (as was proposed) 1.731km. I drove around in an F1-1974 car, but found it a little tight and pokey. Since I always mesh reality with fiction. I have already tweaked the layout to 2.240km which makes for a better circuit. I think I will base this around either the 1990s F1 cars or 1970s F1 cars. I have made an Xpack recently for other 1970s F1 projects I am working on, but I am still umming and aarring over what this one will be. What I can tell you is that it won't be for 2000s F1s or other series (unless others use it that way of course). I know the 'purists' out there will have a go saying how it is not a 'real' this and that. But to be honest - I don't care. If it feels like where it is, then that is good enough. Chernobyl NPP anyone?

Anyway, I have already make the cambers, heightmaps and some basic bumps. I will release some screenshots some time this weekend and hope to have it out within 14 days. I need a simple yet long castle wall. Can't seem to find one that is right. But I do have some of the Ponte's that the cars will pass under and next to, as well as some 'french' inspired buildings. Check back here in the coming 48hrs for some early screenshots!

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  1. 2.240 KM?

    Sounds perfect for Indy lights, GP2 cars...

    Sweet! Thanks Rod! ;)