Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I know that I said I would be posting up some screenshots of my latest creation Avignon about a week ago. There has however been a lot going on in my world which has taken up my time. Not to mention my strange interest in playing other games lately, which has eaten good chunks of my free time. I will however continue the work this weekend and hope to have something to show off around that time.

I have also been working with some people at Virtual Classics forum on various 1970s Monza layouts. The  sharing of work is excellent even if the language barrier sometimes makes it a little complicated (most speak Spanish). I may be able to show off the 1974 layout soon, I am just waiting on some textures to be made and placed.

I have been inspired to update my NYC GP once more and will be working on a new layout again soon which will make it three different versions of the Lower Manhattan 'project'. That's about it for now, check back here this weekend for more news and updates!


  1. HELLO WORLD! Sadly I have been extremely busy with a new work schedule. It pains me that I have not had time to work on my circuits or even post to this blog. Development on Avignon stalled not long after my last post. I do intent to get back into it, however this weekend is flat out with a short film. Hopefully in the coming week things will be a little easier and I should find time to work on all of this.