Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Manhattan GP v1.50 - Released

After a long time and many unavoidable delays, I am releasing my remake to my Lower Manhattan GP.

Now titled a far more simple Manhattan GP, this version (v1.50) is essentially a remake of LMGP which I released over two years ago. Manhattan GP retains the LMGP layout, however almost everything is new to do with the track. The only retained elements are mostly objects and some textures from LMGP. However for those with a keen eye for detail, you will see that I have changed everything and for the better.

Over the last two years, my skills in rFactor circuit design have developed to the point that I feel my older tracks are dated and need revamping. I started with Phoenix Proposal 1989, updating it to v2.55 and moved on to my much loved LMGP. I renamed the circuit to Manhattan GP for simplicity as it is clearly lower Manhattan, so why not simply call it Manhattan. Please read the readme file that is included in the .ZIP file as I have detailed what changes I have made to LMGP to bring it up to a v1.50.

Sadly I will not now improve my other Manhattan circuit, Lower Manhattan INDY as the files that originally created it are long gone with a failed hard drive. So that circuit will unlikely see a relaunch.

As always, Manhattan GP and all my other publicly released tracks can be found at NoGripRacing HERE. I may release it to Rfactor Central in the coming days but no promises.

If you enjoy racing on my tracks, then please consider donating to my PayPal, which can be found on the sidebar to my blog. Every little bit helps and helps keep me motivated to continue my efforts for the sim racing community. Thank you and enjoy Manhattan GP.

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