Saturday, February 23, 2013

Completely Random and News!

This is completely random and spontaneous, but perhaps you might like some music I have been writing. Follow THIS LINK to my soundcloud page and have a listen.

I am currently looking for like minded people to write / score music. If you are interested then by all means, contact me.

In other news, I am almost finished my update to Lower Manhattan GP which will bring the track up to v1.2. There are many changes both major and minor. Some of the changes are listed below :
- New / modified walls
- Modified buildings
- Heavily modified track surface
- New cameras
- updated AIW

I will release this the coming week to NoGripRacing and the later to Rfactorcentral. Sadly however, I will not be releasing an update to Lower Manhattan INDY as the raw files have been lost on an old hard-drive. In order for me to make any sort of update, I would have to start from scratch. This is frankly, not worth it right now. But the Lower Manhattan GP will be ready with the update soon, so check back here in the coming days for a download link.

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