Monday, February 11, 2013

Reims Revivial 2012 - v1.1 Released

After undergoing surgery to remove a rather displeasing lump from the throat I have finally got back into making circuits. I had a good amount of time to think about why I bother uploading tracks to the community when I get very little in return. Ultimately the positive comments generally far outweigh the negative comments, and now I simply need to ignore pathetic criticisms in the future.

My tracks will continue to have my own personal 'fictional' advertising and imagination to them. I would only use more realistic advertising if I was working on a track that I was aiming to be oh a high calibre of accuracy to the real world counterpart. However I rarely make these sorts of tracks these days to avoid unwanted mockery of my skills.

Now to talk about the updates to Reims Revival 2012 v1.10!

I listened to the community and by far the biggest issue with Reims was the hole that I had overlooked upon its initial release a few weeks ago. This hole is now completely gone! I also removed the wonderful background image and replaced it with something dull in the form of the default background. I did this as it more closely resembles the region in France which does not have fantastic mountains. Finally the only other significant update is a modification to the bumps / terrain on track.

Initially I had intentionally gone for an aggressive bump profile around the track to emulate the real world layout which was not in the best condition in parts. However I have toned this back a peg or two to improve the AI's performance in terms of lap times around the circuit. Yet, I have not reduced the bumps to the extent that one or two individuals would have liked. If you find that the bumps are too rough then please consider these setting changes that I run :

- G27 Wheel (set to 280 degrees rotation, Full wheel ffb) + 86%

- Real Feel Plugin (latest version)
- Depending on the mod, either Real Feel settings or Strong / Medium FFB options
- TC OFF (or low)
- Stability Control OFF
- All other driver aids off.

I find it easy to drive around the circuit with these settings, if you find it hard with the bumps then be sure to keep practising and sooner or later you will get better at driving.

A complete list of the track version history can be seen below:
1.00 - Initial release

1.10 - Replaced skybox with 'default skybox' (to be more accurate of the dull landscape)
     - modified the bump profile
     - fixed bug / hole in the track
     - other minor tweaks

- Some F1 cars (particularly modern F1 cars) flip on the kerbs. This was not built for modern F1 cars.
- RECOMMENDED to run the track with Circuit Display settings set to FULL, otherwise some tree models will have an error.

As always, my tracks are best downloaded from NoGripRacing and you can get the latest version of Reims Revivial 2012 v1.10 HERE or simply search for it at

Attia Stadt Grand Prix, a fictional city / town Grand Prix set in the German / Austrian landscape.


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