Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Attia Stadt Grand Prix - Released

It had been my aim for some time now to build a Grand Prix circuit that was set in a European city. Finally after acquiring the skills needed to do the job reasonable justice I have made the circuit come to life.

Attia Stadt GP is an entirely fictional circuit set near the borders of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Consisting of 17 turns, Attia Stadt Grand Prix is a clockwise circuit of medium and high speed. With four long bursts of power, you will race at significant speed through the city, and surrounding mountainous terrain. Many of the corners are unforgiving and will catch out dozens of drivers who dare to push their cars beyond their limitations. Attia Stadt is the sort of track that rewards those who grit their teeth tight over a lap of pleasure or pain. Those who can master the corners will certainly start the Attia GP on the front row. However for those who push even the slightest beyond their abilities will be punished with a ruined car.

Download it today from NoGripRacing HERE or wait for it to appear on Rfactorcentral in the coming days.

If you enjoy racing my circuits, please consider donating just a little to my PayPal. it often takes me a great deal of time and effort to make these tracks for free for the community. Thank you for your consideration and be sure to enjoy Attia Stadt Grand Prix.


  1. The track is good, but why a cars drives through fence?

  2. The issue is the AI line. When I had the AI line slightly different they were not competitive. It is a pain for sure. If you know anyone who is a wizz at making AIW then please get them in contact with me to help fix this.

  3. Lots of teeth grinding on this one, So thanks as always Roddy.