Thursday, May 30, 2013

Attia Stadt Grand Prix - V1.10 - Released

In this update to Attia Stadt GP, I have fixed the significant bug to the pit exit and make a few small tweaks here and there.

There is not much to say about this update as the issue was identical to the issue found in Manhattan GP. The tirewall model is flawed. I now set all these tirewalls to not include a collision model, which seems to fix the issue where cars 'ghost' into the abyss of the track. I have however been unable to resolve the issue with the AI cars cutting corners and cutting through walls. This issue is caused by the AIW drive-line of which I am not a master of construction. If anyone is willing to help fix this issue without compromising the AI's speed and competitiveness around the track, please contact me.

There are some other minor tweaks throughout the circuit, but they hardly warrant an analysis here. Please check the Readme file for how to install and to see a complete changelog.

As always, my tracks which include Attia Stadt GP 1.10 can be downloaded directly from NoGripRacing HERE.


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