Friday, May 17, 2013

Manhattan GP v1.55 Update Released

I released a major overhaul to my original Lower Manhattan GP (now known as Manhattan GP 1990) about two weeks ago. However it would seem that I did not check it thoroughly enough before releasing the V1.50. Within a day or so, a user found two bugs that can be crippling to the track. The first was what appeared to be a hole in the track surface and then a similar bug was found further around the track. It took me another week to determine exactly what the bugs were. As I stated, it seemed like a hole in the track surface. However after trial and error, I fond that it was a model surface that was invisible.

The tire wall at turn one was interfering with the track geometry, thus giving an illusion of a hole in the surface. The only way to rectify this issue has been to not only move the tire wall (and the concrete wall the tires rest against) but to remove all instances of it being a solid object. Therefore the tire wall at turn one is now purely cosmetic. I had to remove the ability for the tires to receive shadows as well as cast them, then convert the object into a 'ghost' meaning it has no solid properties. The actual concrete wall behind the tire wall is still however solid.

It would turn out that the second bug was exactly the same, but at a different corner (turn five). I have performed a similar fix which means that the circuit now has two 'ghost' tire walls around the track. All other tire walls should be solid. The other issue I had with the v1.50 was the AIW. I had made them very fast and very competitive (well I found they were with my skill level at 98%). However I have observed them cutting many corners and riding hard over the kerbs. I have amended the AI racing line just enough to reduce the frequency of the AI cutting the track by up to 70%. However if I make any more changes the AI will not be competitive. Already I have made such a change to the AIW that the AI now runs the track at around 2.5seconds slower (on average) than the previous version (v1.50).

A complete list of changes can be found in the readme file which are always included with my tracks. As always you can download the track HERE at NoGripRacing. I am not in a rush to release it to RFC just yet, so I recommend going to NoGripRacing to get the update.


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