Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Airport Terminal 1.5 Progress

Well I would love to start this post with lots of great screenshots of how I am modifying the circuit to improve it from its current 1.0 - 1.5 version. Of course, one would expect there to be many many changes for such a version leap forward, this is meant to be the case. I say 'meant to be' as it is not exactly working out the way I had planned. 

Originally I had planned to tighten up the circuit a bit, rebuild the pit lane from scratch, move walls / objects / S-objects closer, however this is all going pear shaped. I moved many track anchor points to tighten it up and make for an overall better racing experience. This ruins any terrain you have connected to the track itself, so it all had to be bulldozed to be added again. I did that, then I re-added it and moved all the anchors accordingly to hide any 'holes' in the circuit. Finally I moved all the walls, kerbs and what have you to realign with the track in its new configuration.

It was only after blasting around that I noticed that the track needed to be tighter again in parts, and more open in others. Repeat the same process and already most of the day is gone. I then notice that a rather large and notable issue has arisen. The second half of the track features a massive terminal with boarding gates hanging over the circuit. I have modified the overall height of some areas of the track which correspond with this particular area. Hmm, now I have a plane boarding gate effectively digging into the circuit just before the final turn. I raise the terminal building up a bit so that any car can clearly pass underneath, but now the circuit has a rather notable hole appearing on the opposite side where we can see under the object - thus breaking that 'wall' of believability.

I figure that by raising the terrain there I should be able to hide my error - oh wait - no. I have done too much and cannot go back as Bobs Track Builder often crashes when you undo changes (perhaps it is a windows 7 error with the software). Now I must remove all the terrain once more, fix the height of the track, then add the terrain back once again and move every object around the circuit! Ah how frustrating.

In fact I was so annoyed that I packed it in last night and went to bed. Today is another day, and I may look at fixing it up once more. It sure is a great deal of effort for some fairly tedious changes to the overall circuit!

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