Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grand Prix of Bosnia - Zaluzani 2.0 released

As explained in the title more or less, I have released Zaluzani 2.0 on NoGripRacing here.

It is listed as an entirely new entry on NoGripRacing as I built it from scratch. There are a number of clearly notable differences between 2.0 and my last effort 1.10. The first and foremost being the flip from a clockwise circuit to a counter clockwise running. Now the circuit flows in the direction that it does in the real world. The next most notable change would have to be the GPS data used in the textures. Now as you race around the circuit you will see the remains of the once grand complex that was the Zaluzani circuit facility.

I have added a vast number of trees and bushes to the circuit as well as a few buildings to make it feel a little more alive. I also added many many walls around the circuit to confine cars to the road and not to exploration. I have reduced the grid size down to 38 cars as 40+ was probably too many for a relatively short simple course. The cameras have been built entirely by Pycat who is a fantastic camera mapper for rfactor and other sims.

So what are you doing, go and race on it now!

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