Monday, July 2, 2012

Darlington Park Progress - 0.8

It has been many weeks but I have began to continue my work on Darlington Park. I should be ready to release an initial 1.0 version in a week or two after I finish building the pit area and a few other bits and bobs.

 As you will be able to compare, I am indeed improving upon the circuit. My first attempt at creating wall kerbs for Zaluzani 2.0 (Grand Prix of Bosnia) was a success, so for Darlington Park I am building upon my new-found efforts. This track will feature an open hairpin taken in second gear where the car will be able to ride the kerbs and run onto the 'Bosch' kerbing. If this goes down well then many of my planned future projects may feature these 'drivable' walls.

As you can see from the top view of the circuit, I have plans for two other layouts that I may build after the initial release. The short course cuts through the wooded area to be roughly 3/5 the length of the current track. The second track will be the historic layout that was abandoned due to the unsafe drops and trees that are 'heritage' listed. Currently in the above screenshots I have not put these trees into the scene yet.

Darlington Park is based on an Australian industrial area in northern New South Wales, however since I am effectively creating my own circuit and terrain geography I think it should be set in another country. If you can think of a good country for it to be based in that suits the hills around the circuit, let me know and I might just make that country the track location.

Of course, you may think - what is the point of that? It is just a name - wrong! If I find that the country suits, then I shall modify the track data to have the light, climate and conditions expected of that country. So get your thinking caps on.

Look out for the initial release in the coming weeks. Cheers.

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