Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brands Hatch 1950 - Update Released

As mentioned in my previous post about DLC, I have begun to work with two talented people. One a camera expert and the other a texture optimiser / renderer. The latter of which has done some amazing work on my Brands Hatch 1950 circuit, which is available for download now!

Many of you will also notice that I have again started to uploaded to RfactorCentral in recent times. I made a concious decision to do so to spread my work around. I do enjoy finding videos on the net of people have a good race around my circuits and while I think that NoGripRacing is the best community website for Rfactor. There is no deigning the gravitational pull of the much larger RfactorCentral.

I will however not be adding the links to my recent circuits on RfactorCrentral. I figure if you want to get there from there then you are probably willing to search for them in their close loop google search engine.

Now I do have an issue with this blog at Blogger. For some unknown reason to me, my last five or so posts have 'white' covering up my text. Why on earth is this?! I don't want the text that I write not visible! If you know how to fix this issue, please contact me via this post as I hate what is happening here. It makes this site  look sloppy!


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