Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The latest and not the greatest news

Well I have had a fantastic day - oh wait, no I haven't. Its been terrible.

This morning I had planed to publicly release my latest track 'Ales GP Course 1.0'. This was not to be.

Once I turned my computer on, it would not boot. Nor would it post. It has died an untimely death. the motherboard has packed it in. Or so I believe. In the process it killed one of my internal drives that was full of all my old Rfactor track backups and Bobs Track Builder files. Therefore, old versions of tracks I made before June this year are now gone forever.

On top of this, while trying to take my computer to a repair shop in town a stone flicked up and now I am up for a new windscreen. But that was not the end of my enigmatic day. Finally, I received an email from an important job I had applied. I dreaded the outcome, which with words to the same effect, stated that I was doomed today and did not get the job.

This all will pass for sure, but right now I am furious with the way today, which weather wise, is the best I've seen in a round about's a week. Such a shame.

So I come to you all live from a Mac, which is not my machine of choice no doubt. But once my computer is faithfully restored to its former glory, I will continue to make tracks for the community.

To another note, I have been talking with another modder out there who wants to team up to work on the AIW aspects of my circuits. He has already modified the AIW for Chernobyl NPP and I look forward to releasing his name - as soon as I know it!

If you out there have some skills with circuit design for rfactor, with any aspects. Or track conversions for other sims, then please PM me here or on Nogripracing, or rfactorcentral and we shall talk.

All the best for the Holidays & the New Year, and you will see more content from me soon.

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