Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Imola 1960s 1.0

After much deliberation, I decided that this was unique enough to class it as a totally new track for rfactor. Imola 1960s 1.0 should be arriving at Nogripracing and Rfactorcentral very soon (hopefully as soon as the 15th of December) for all of you to play.

I have been working on Imola 1960s on and off for 2 months. It is based on my original track Imola 1963, but since I deleted everything (including height-maps) I consider this an entirely new track.
Not to mention the poor ratings and screenshots at rfactorcentral of my old circuit (1963). Hopefully the sim racing community will like this one.

If I get strong ratings then I will have enough motivation to make my second Manhattan circuit, which I am currently dubbing "Midtown Manhattan GP". Currently I am playing around with google maps to see just where I want the circuit to run and for how long. Look out for this if Imola 1960s goes well!

If you have Imola 1963 in your collection, you will not have to delete it as Imola 1960s takes its own directory in your Locations folder.

You may note that my 1963 version had a special reverse version which is not included in 1960s. This is because it never recieved favourable ratings, and therefore was was waste of time to remake this for my '1960s' version (2.0 in lamence terms).

Imola is my favourite F1 circuit even though it was butchered after the tragic deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. I wish F1 will return there, but I know that Bernie focuses on money more than heritage and we will never see it host an F1 race again.

Thank you for supporting my circuits and my Imola live on the way it should!


  1. I guess you can tell by my "callsign" where I stand with Imola. Circuits like Imola, Estoril, and Hermanos Rodriguez are the true classics of F1. Senna was my guy. I got the thrill of seeing him race in 1991 (Phoenix) and in 1993 (Donnington Park), I was stationed in the U.K. at the time. Seems like yesterday.....

    Anyhow, Great to see your back in the circuit building arena. I've have so many versions of Imola, Might as well add yours to the mix. ;)

    A big "Thank you" goes out for your efforts!! Keep up the awesome work, Brother.

  2. Thanks USA Driver, one thank you in 100 downloads makes it all the more worth while. I have another track finished and have been play testing. Its called "Ales" GP Course. All done, but I am using another computer right now so can't upload it. Check back in a few days.


  3. Great Job¡! Imola too my favorite track for F1... Thanks¡!