Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chernobyl NPP - 300dls

Well I must say that my last circuit Chernobyl NPP 1.0 has received very mixed results with polar opinions. It would seem that those of you who downloaded it either love it, for its layout, or hate it for its name and location.

To be honest, when I first built it I did so with the fun factor in mind. I wanted to build a track based around a large building, and played around with a layout until I found what I have now. Strangely, by making it around reactor number 4 of Chernobyl NPP, I stirred up a ruckus with the community.

This was never my intent to upset or annoy people, but quite simply, to entertain with a great track (well I think so anyway). I never intended for it to be comical and those who find it comical should check their heads - it is not funny. I have Ukrainian herritage on my mothers side. My grandfather and mother were Ukrainian. Therefore I feel as though if people are going to be stupid and dislike me for the Chernobyl circuit I made, then they should shut up unless they are Ukrainian!

Enough of being annoyed now. I should be happy. At NoGripRacing my Chernobyl GP has over 300 downloads to its name, and it has only been out for just over a week. This is great. I wish RfactorCentral had a downloads meter, as I am curious as to how many people have downloaded my many circuits off that website.

Some criticism I received was for the lack of Russian / Ukrainian advertising. So I have modified the circuit to 1.10 (which will be released later this week) to include advertising from the countries that the circuit is set in. Now Lada and other companies line the walls rather than Malboro and Honda. I am focusing on getting Lower Manhattan GP released today, so I will worry about the update to this track later on this week.


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