Monday, October 8, 2012

Darlington Park GP 1992 - Released

It has been some time since my last post about my circuit building efforts. Finally after months of silence I have yet another circuit for you all to play in the form of a fictional Grand Prix of 1992, Darlington Park.

Set inland of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Darlington Park is a high speed circuit that effectively runs down a hillside and the back up again through a wooded area. It's design, layout and other defining characteristics are similar to that of the real world (now long gone) Rouen-Les Essarts. However unlike Rouen, I have set my circuit in the early 1990s as though it were built in the 1980s.

The circuit is very fast with around 80-85% full throttle in a 1990s-onward Formula One car. However, even though the circuit is very fast, the walls are very close. At least three locations will catch out the sleepy driver with barely a car widths distance from what is a high speed corner and a hard and unforgiving wall.

Darlington Park consists of 13 turns (15 total, though many are taken flat out and are hardly corners) and is 4.449km in length. The lap record in a 1992 Ferrari F1 car is 1:06.051 as set by me. I would like someone to beat this time, though only in the same car or at least an F1 from 1992. Naturally, more recent Formula One series will make this lap record look slow as I ran a Red Bull 2007 around the circuit in under 1 minute and 4 seconds.

Currently with its 1.00 release, I have not built a pit complex. This often takes a very long time and I have generally not built these complexes on many of my circuits as I do not believe I am a master of such construction. If you are interested in building a suitable pit complex, please contact me and we might be able to work together on this and other projects.

As always, my track is available at NoGripRacing here. If you would like a complete list of my tracks available at NoGripRacing then click here and you will see them all. A valid login is required to download my tracks from NoGripRacing. I believe they are the best community for Rfactor and other games, so I would recommend getting your Rfactor fix from them. Of course you can just click the desired link on the side bar to the left here.


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