Friday, October 12, 2012

Coming Soon... in 1989

Coming very soon...

Phoenix 1989 Proposal v2.50. I have been meaning to change many of my street circuits from their initial releases now that I have learnt such a wealth about Rfactor track design. Phoenix 1989 is the first of what is sure to be many major updates to my existing tracks.

Most of my city tracks have very unrefined corners that are 90 degrees or more acute angles which look very rough. I have learnt much about how to improve surface materials for Rfactor that I feel it is time to go back and polish up many of my tracks to make them what I had envisaged they could have been but lacked the required skill set.

Phoenix 1989 is a good starting point for this process of cleaning up messy parts of my tracks. Now the circuit feels more real, more visceral, even though it is hardly a real world location!

I am now just in the process of some final adjustments to the circuit, but I am looking forward to a release on NoGripRacing in the coming days. In the meantime, here is a changelog of Phoenix 89' :

1.00 - Initial release

2.00 - entirely remodeled from scratch
     - new pit complex
     - new track layout / textures etc
     - new terrain elevation map

2.50 - reprofiled terrain and track
     - new cameras by Pycat
     - new walls / adboards
     - added new abrasive kerbs
     - added 4 more roads for a city feel
     - added more buildings / models
     - modified many buildings
     - modified track bumps
     - modified AI line
     - replaced / added all new Rodrrico advertising

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