Thursday, May 31, 2012

A difficult subject...

Hello folks,

I have been making circuits primarily for Rfactor since mid 2009. I enjoy building circuits and learning new techniques as well as overcoming challenges. 

I however find myself in a difficult position as I am currently unemployed and I am struggling greatly to find any sort of work in my media field that I can survive off. Sadly this is rapidly becoming such an issue that I may have to stop making circuits all together as I won't be able to afford the upgrades to software packages amongst other things. While I am confident that I will find work sooner or later, I am beginning to think seriously about selling some of my computer bits and bobs.

I hope that I will not become that desperate, however the horizon is not looking as rosy as I would like right now given the global economic climate. I am sure that others are in a far worse off position than I, but this is just my two cents.

I ask anyone who enjoys my tracks to please make any sort of donation they can to my PayPal so I can continue to make circuits for you all. I need around $80AU if I am to renew licences for software packages.

I will understand if there are those of you who are unable to donate and I am glad to continue sharing what circuits I have already made, though I may not be able to upgrade any more or build new ones without some money to buy these software licences.

Thank you for reading this post and indeed my blog. If you are in a position to donate anything then please make any donation you can on op left sidebar of this blog.

It is a difficult subject and I am not one to opt out as a charity case. I however cannot continue making circuits without a new licence to software packages.

Thank you guys.


  1. Hmmm. And I thought locking my keys in my car made for a bad day. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Rod. Nothing like getting an good education and can't find that job. Thought you were really going places with the last job - From what you described, Sounded like a good opportunity. Converting $80AUD to USA money comes out to around $77 US. That doesn't seem like a whole bunch. Really. the problem is I get paid once a month (16jun):/ You can count on me for for a good chunk of that - If you can hold out until then - I would be more than glad to help out. Gonna have to be Paypal because I got rid of all the credit cards. Might have to get a hold of me at some point and work out the details. In the meantime, Stay positive!


  2. I am ordinarily not one for handouts and in no way am I on the poverty line, but I do have to sacrifice my track making and other hobbies for the time being. I am sure I will find suitable work, it is only a matter of when not if.

    I do not expect you or anyone to give me anything substantial, but any help will go to the software licences that is for sure and I think I should make a circuit for any contributor such as yourself.

    Please do not feel pressured in any way, and if you are unable to help out then don't feel bad. Your kindness and consistent comments here is worth a wealth to me in its own right. For that, I thank you now and in advance.


  3. I have received a very substantial and truly generous financial contribution. Words cannot express my appreciation for this donation. I would like to make a circuit of your choice for your efforts. Contact me if you come up with something and I shall do my best.