Thursday, November 17, 2011

Circuit de Avignon - Released

I know it is not yet the weekend, however I felt that Circuit de Avignon was ready for a 1.00 release.

You can find HERE at nogripracing. If you read through the Readme file, you will discover that I have set my own ultimatum. If I get 1000 downloads before 2012 starts I will make a 'Power' circuit of Avignon and possibly also two shorter courses. I will let you work out where those shorter courses will be. It is no real guess :D

So please check it out, and if you find any youtube videos of people racing my Avignon, please post them here so I can add in the link. That goes for any of my other circuits too! Ok - Enjoy!


  1. I am number 250.

    At this rate you should have no prob getting to 1000. Good luck. Telling everyone.

  2. Haha cheers! I am currently also working on 1.1 of Airport terminal. Too many people run wide and use the 'run off' as track. It will be tighter and therefore more dangerous.

  3. Guilty.

    I might have to keep the "old version". .