Saturday, May 17, 2014

Alesia GP Course v1.25 - Released

Alesia GP Course 1.25

By Rodrrico

Alesia GP Course is a fictional circuit I made that is loosely based on the Alès en Cévennes Speed Circuit. It is meant to replace my original track Ales GP Course 1.10. However this is a fresh location directory so you can keep the old version if you like as well as this version.

I generally make fictional circuits (or heavily modified real world circuits) these days as my early 'historical' circuits were heavily critisized for their inaccuracies and usually over fidilly little things. Ales GP Course is a hybrid between a real world course and a fictional course. The basic track map is the same, however I added a chicane half way along the back straight after the kink to slow down the cars a bit and make it more challenging.

To my knowledge the real Ales is relatively flat. I made this version with a steep first corner climb and added my own chicane. There were many layouts to the real Ales, and I have only outlined the short course at turn 2 (not for use though). I don't plan on updating or modifying this track further unless someone would like me to.

The circuit is 4.003km and consists of long curved corners that can be taken in 3rd and 4th gears (F1-1991 historical). As well as 3 long straights with only minor kinks and chicanes that barely slow down the vehicles.
Ales GP a high speed circuit.

I recommend F1 mods, as I played with some and enjoyed them all. However my favourites are :
F1-1991, 1988, 1993 & 1979.

1.0 - Inital release.

1.10 - Updated minor things such as textures meshing together, some shadow details and most importantly, the pit lane now enables cars to cross the finish line each lap.

1.25 - Renamed to Alesia GP Course
- New Cam file
- New ground textures everywhere
- Changed terrain heights everywhere
- Improved Pit textures / building
- Slight AIW tweaks
- New Background / terrain
- Changed race length & attrition rates



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