Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reims Revival 2012 - Released

Fictional History :
Reims was a formidable circuit in its time which originally spanned 46 years. It was shortened for 1952 and would operate as a high speed circuit until 1972 when it finally was decommissioned as a circuit for the final time.
Forty years have passed and finally it was agreed that a revival circuit would be set up for competition classic car and classic Grand Prix racing. It opened for its first race in 2012 which was to be a classic Grand Prix meeting.
The circuit had been upgraded from the days before safety was more than an idea to make it a class three racing venue (Formula One being a class one event). This enabled the circuit to obtain a classic car racing status for 2012.

The very first event was a classic Formula One meeting consisting of F1 cars from the 1950s and 1960s. Other supporting races including Historic Touring Car and DRM were also held on the weekend of July alongside the main event.
The circuit was highly successful and it was renewed for a further 4 years of operation to run from 2013 - 2016. However the final turn (turn 10) it to be modified into a chicane for safety reasons.

Consisting of 10 turns, Reims Revival 2012 is a clockwise circuit of extremely high speed. It is not the original circuit but a shorter version to bring it up into the twenty-first century. 
Many of the new turns were designed to avoid the now prominent roundabouts where the original circuit once stood. However much of the circuit runs on the same stretches of road that existed back during its original configuration (1953-72 layout).

I am very happy with the track-side cameras. This is the first circuit where the cameras do not overlap or have other issues. Included is a two lap camera file.

As always, my track has been uploaded to NoGripRacing and can be downloaded HERE. It should also be available from Rfactorcentral in the coming days.

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Enjoy folks!


  1. Will a track-maker please consider making this track? I have been going to races there starting in about 1964. Saratoga Speedway, north Vancouver Island, needed for rFactor.
    From Google Images:

  2. I generally don't make oval courses, but I will check it out and consider making it.