Friday, April 27, 2012

New NPP on the way!

Hello! Is this thing on?! Well I am finally back in business and creating circuits for Rfactor once more!

It has been some time since I genuinly got stuck into circuit making but I am now pleased to announce that I have started working nice and hard away on some creations. The first to come out to the big wide world will be Chernobyl NPP 1.5 / 2.0. I have not yet decided if the major updates to Chernobyl NPP are worthy of a v1.5 or a fresh 2.0 status. It is the same circuit, but (should) have major improvements to everything other than the actual track itself.

These include the wall data, sand traps, new and better objects, better cameras and a bunch more tweeks. The most notable will certainly be the new and much higher resolution Reactor No. 4 which effectively takes up around 1/3 of the viewable space for objects. Originally I had created a model that (at the time) was not convertible to an Rfactor image reading format. Therefore the scaffolding surrounding the main reactor 4 looked dodgy and the iconic cooling tower had such a low resolution poligon output that it looked like one solid black structure. Hopefully with my hard work, the new model(s) will look vastly better without compromising frame rate in game.

As you can see in the screenshot, it looks much better than the current model in game in Chernobyl NPP v1.1.

Progress is going so quickly that I aim to have the new version of the track available from the end of next week (the first week of May). So look out for it at NoGripRacing as always.

Once I have completed my new version of Chernobyl NPP I will begin working on my 1970 Imola version as again this should be a quick turn around project before moving on to a fully new and fresh project that I am still um'n and ah'n over.

UPDATE 28/04/12:
It would appear that BTB is not playing ball and I still have to heavily compress the models including the one above in the screenshot. I will however still continue my work on NPP v1.5.


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