Sunday, June 19, 2011

Phoenix 1989 Proposal 2.0

Phoenix 89 2.0 is finally available for download across the web!

Phoenix 1989 Proposal 2.0 is an entirely remodeled remake of Phoenix 1989 Proposal 1.0. I was originally going to simply update the 1.0 circuit to 1.2 or so, however after close examination of my now defunct layout, I opted to rebuild it from scratch.

Whilst the layout of the circuit itself is essentially the same, the changes to the objects, the inclusion of kerbs and the 'dip' towards the end of the lap (located at the approach to the second last corner), make this an all new version that is worthy of a 2.0 status (in my opinion). I spent a large amount of the build time remodeling all the buildings. I dropped all the texture resolutions to around a 3:1 compression, so therefore the track load time is significantly faster as well as runs a whole lot smoother for those who have older PCs.

The inclusion of 'the dip' towards the end of the lap on the second longest straight was for two reasons. The first is that I felt the circuit needed some undulation to make it feel a little more vibrant. There is a Phoenix 1989 actual track out there for Rfactor which I looked at closely to make my own feel more like it. But without crossing into the "this is not what Phoenix looks like" crowd. I wanted 2.0 to be just like all my other tracks that are based on real world locations. The be exactly that - Based on real places, but with a 'gaming' feel to them.

What is the payoff for making a circuit 100% accurate in this day in age? Will it get me a job for a game company? - unlikely. Will it make me famous? - Haha, I highly doubt that. So what will it get me? Simple. A great big ego. That I can do without. So to those 'purests' out there, I am sorry that this will not be the Phoenix 1989 you hope for. I was only 1 year old, and therefore, could not have seen the race or walked the layout for the 1989 proposal. I hope this circuit brings much fun to the rest of you, and I will always keep making more for those who like them.

As always, I do accept criticism if it is deemed to be constructive. I have not yet made my 'perfect' track, so until that happens. I'll keep making more :)

Enjoy folks!

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