Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is going on here..?

Okay, so I thought that somehow I corrupted Bob's Track Builder on my computer, as I could not access any of the menu / options for some strange reason.

I tried reinstalling it to see if this was a bug or related problem that could be fixed with a quick install from scratch, however it still persists.

Here is my problem. I cannot see the 'add objects', 'add walls', 'add stringed objects', 'camber' etc windows. When ever I click on any window from the tabs at the top of the BTB program screen, they state that they are active, but I cannot see them. When I ALT + TAB through my active programs, I can see them, however I cannot select them. This is starting to frustrate me quite a bit, because all I needed to do on my Lower Manhattan Indy project was move a few things and add a handful of objects and then I would be done and ready for export / uploading.

I tried looking around BTB's website forums and FAQs to no anvil. If anyone knows how to fix or help me it would be most appreciated.

So this is where I am stuck for now, but I doubt I can get around this problem myself.

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