Saturday, October 23, 2010



I am a track maker for Rfactor using Bob's Track Builder, Google Sketchup, 3d Max, Photoshop and Autocad. I have been making tracks for Rfactor since 2009 and have since released a number of tracks of varying qualities and types.

This blog is designed to give all those who enjoy my track a chance to see what I am doing with all my tracks and projects. It is also here for feedback from those who like my tracks. Feel free to post about things you like, things you would like to see, and general comments.

I will update this as regularly as I can to let you all know how my designs are going. It is also designed to be a sort of journal of my track issues, problems, and a progress report page.

Many of you know of my existing tracks. I will have short summaries of all their most up to date releases in due time.



  1. Wasn't aware you are responsible for the Phoenix 89 prop circuit until just now, Looking at it on rFc.

    How come you haven't blogged about it or am I missing something?

  2. Hi, do u make tracks on request?

  3. I can make circuits on request. Please email me at for requests.